Returning marked examinations in Alnarp

Last changed: 09 June 2022

The process of returning marked examinations takes place primarily at the examination review session which is scheduled for your course. If no examination review session has been scheduled, or if you have written a resit exam, you are able to obtain your exam paper by completing the form below.

Fill in the information in the form below. We will scan your exam and email it to your student email.

We will try to do it as fast as possible, but be prepared that it may take a few days. Your exam will be kept by us for two years, so it will be possible for you to pick it up later, if you want the paper copy.

After the exam results have been published, you will be notified on Canvas or on your student email when the marked exam paper will be available for collection. If you have failed your exam, the exam paper will be scanned and sent to your student email automatically.

Important! If you believe that the grading decision is wrong (writing or calculation error) or if you question the decision, you should not collect your original exam paper. Instead, use the form below and request a copy to be scanned and sent to your student email. It is also possible to take a photograph of your exam paper at the examination review session.

We will deal with your request as soon as we can but there may be some delay during busy periods.

Form to obtain your exam paper

Choose one of the alternatives to obtain your exam paper:
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