Checklist for exchange students

Last changed: 26 March 2018

Below you as a new exchange student at SLU find important information that will be useful before arriving to Sweden and while you are here as a student.

1. Before your arrival


Exchange students accepted to SLU are insured by the Student IN insurance. This insurance only covers accidents. All students are required to have an insurance from their home country to cover belongings and health issues that are not sudden.

Residence Permit

If you are planning to study at SLU for more than 3 months and you are NOT an EU/EES citizen, you will need a residence permit. Please follow the steps in the international master student checklist for obtaining a residence permit.

You can read more on the Swedish Migration Agency's website.


SLU guarantees accommodation for exchange students and fee-paying students. Other students need to find their own accommodation. You will receive your accommodation offer via email from the SLU Housing Office. You are responsible for picking up the keys from your respective housing office during opening hours.

NB. If you have guaranteed accommodation through SLU, you may have to arrange your own accommodation for the first night if you cannot come during office hours to collect your keys.


If you have a disability, you can receive support for permanent disabilities that affect your studies. Disability means a permanent physical or mental limitation. This includes dyslexia, physical disabilities, mental and neuropsychiatric disorders, visual or hearing impairment as well as chronic illnesses that affect the studies. Contact

2. When you arrive

Travel to your campus

How to get to SLU Uppsala/Ultuna

A cheap and convenient way to reach Uppsala from Arlanda Airport is to take regional bus no 801 from outside Terminal 5 (tickets can be bought at Arlanda). Cash is not accepted on the buses.

You can also travel by train from Arlanda. The trains are faster than the bus but more expensive. There is also the option of taking a taxi. Make sure the taxi company is from Uppsala and not Stockholm as thet will be more costly. You can always pre-book a taxi from Terminal 5 to Campus Ultuna.

You can find travel information and timetables for regional and local buses and trains at the UL web.

At the SJ web, you can search for departures from Arlanda to Uppsala central station and book your trip.

When you have arrived in Uppsala, you can take regional bus number 100 and 101 or local bus number 4 from the station to Campus Ultuna.

You can pay by credit card on the bus, but cash is not accepted. If you are planning on travelling by bus on a regular basis, it is cheaper to buy a bus card (monthly card or a top-up card) than single tickets. You can buy a bus card at Pressbyrån inside the station building. Inside the station, you will also find the travel centre for local buses and trains, UL. Across Kungsgatan (the main street closest to the central station where many local buses leave from), you will find the Uppsala tourist centre.

How to get to SLU Alnarp

From Kastrup/Copenhagen Airport, take the Öresund train to Malmö central station. Take bus number 133 from outside Malmö C to Alnarp Kungsgårdsvägen.

From Sturup/Malmö Airport, take the airport bus to Malmö central station. Take bus number 133 from outside Malmö C to Alnarp Kungsgårdsvägen.

How to get to SLU Umeå

Arriving by air Umeå is located 640 kilometres north of Stockholm, so the easiest and fastest way is to fly here. Flights from Stockholm take about 60 minutes and there are several airlines to choose from. SAS and Norwegian fly from Arlanda, the largest airport in Sweden and the airport you often arrive at if you fly to Sweden from abroad. Finnair also has departures with direct flights from Helsinki in Finland. If you book well in advance, you can get a single ticket for about SEK 500.

You can also fly to Umeå via another airport called Bromma with BRA airline. Bromma Airport is about 20 minutes by bus from Stockholm central station.

Once you arrive in Umeå, the airport bus leaves from outside the airport.

Arriving by train The travel time by train from Stockholm varies between 6 and 10 hours depending on the number of train changes and if you choose to take the train from Arlanda Airport or from Stockholm central station.

If you travel by night train, you can choose between a couchette or a sleeping car, where a couchette is a cheaper alternative. If you book well in advance, you can get a single ticket for about SEK 500. An advantage of taking the train is that you arrive in the centre of town and do not need to travel from the airport.

How to activate your student IT account

If you do not have a Swedish personal identity number, you will need to visit IT support to activate your account. Please have your ID documents and admission decision with you. You can get your IT account by mid August the earliest.

If you have a Swedish personal identity number you can activate your account at SLU when you have received your second admission decision. You can do this by mid August the earliest.

Click on New account to activate your user account. You will be redirected to, where you can activate your SLU account using your login details for

Before you get an account, you should read the regulations that apply to the use of IT resources and accept them by checking the box.

If you encounter any problems, please contact IT support at your campus. Please have your ID documents and admission decision with you.

For questions about your IT account, email

Register for your courses

Your attendance at the first class, will able the teacher to register you. If you are unable to make the first class, you have to contact the department responsible for the course in advance. You must register to attend the course and to activate the insurance.

Get your access card

Once you are registered to an SLU course, you will receive an email informing you that you can pick up your access card from the service centre. It can take up to two days from registration before you receive this email.

You can check if you are registered at Ladok Student from the Student web start page. When collecting your card, you will need to bring ID and sign a receipt for your access card. You will be given your personal access card, the terms of use, information about how the card works and the PIN for the card. The PIN is generated automatically by the system and cannot be changed.

Mecenat Card (Mecenatkort)

As international students at SLU, you are eligible for a Mecenat card, free of charge. The Mecenat card is a student card which offers many student discounts, including for the public transportation and train companies throughout Sweden. This includes SL, UL, Skånetrafiken, SJ and more. In order to purchase bus/train tickets at the discounted student price, you must have a valid student ID from Sweden which shows the SL/UL logo on it. If you do not have the Mecenat card and you purchase the discounted bus/train tickets, you could be subject to a fine if you get caught by the ticket control.  

Joining the student union is the easiest way to get the Mecenat card.  If you want to join or are already a member of a student union at SLU, contact them for help getting your Mecenat card, as all student union members receive the card automatically. The student unions do not give out the physical cards, instead they use the Mercenatkort mobile app, and they will give you instructions on how to download your card. If you prefer to have a physical card however, you can request one once you have received your digital one. Please see the website of the Student Unions for more information. The digital card is sufficient all over Sweden for discounts, but if you travel abroad, the physical card is often preferred.

If you are NOT a member of a student union yet, it is easy to apply for the Mecenat card directly on their website. The website is only available in Swedish, so here are instructions how to complete the application:

  1. Enter your personal number or temporary personal number provided by SLU in your acceptance letter (format YYMMDDXXXX). If you have a temporary personal number, do not include any spaces or dashes.
  2. Select your education level - Universitet / Högskola i Sverige.
  3. Select SLU as the university.
  4. Select the correct campus.
  5. Choose whether or not you are already a member of the student union. Choose NEJ to order the card directly.
  6. Fill in your personal information, including your address in Sweden where the card can be sent in the mail.

You will need to upload your acceptance letter to SLU with your application, which proves that you have been accepted to your chosen study program and displays the amount of credit points.

**Note about purchasing discounted student bus/train tickets: If you have applied for the Mecenat card and get stopped by the ticket control before you have received your card, you must show them your Acceptance Letter to SLU (or proof of acceptance and registration at SLU). However, this is only a temporary solution, and you MUST have the Mecenat card after one month of beginning your studies at SLU. If you are caught later in the semester/year without the card, you could be subject to a fine.

Service centres

  • Alnarp: Alnarpsgården, Sundsvägen 6
  • Uppsala: Ulls hus, Almas allé 8
  • Umeå: Skogishuset, Skogmarksgränd 17

3. Before leaving and after your exchange

Attendance papers and learning agreement

Get your attendance papers and learning agreement signed.


Get/download your syllabus for all the courses you have studied.

Grades in Ladok

Make sure your grades have been registered in Ladok.


Apply for your transcripts at

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