Accommodation in Umeå

Last changed: 17 April 2024
Summer in Umeå, people sit on park benches and stroll along Umeälven, photo.

There are several companies that provide accommodation in Umeå. Bostaden and Baltic Gruppen Fastigheter have housing specifically for you as a student. Their contact details, along with other accommodation companies in Umeå, can be found below.

As a fee-paying student you are guaranteed housing if you have been admitted in the first admission round. This will be offered to you by SLU. If you are a fee-paying student who is granted a scholarship you are still guaranteed housing. You can apply for student housing here.

Please note that the rent is not included in the tuition fee.

Private landlords in Umeå

Check list for cleaning when moving out from Bostaden

The room

  • Walls: vacuum wall-papered walls, wash painted walls.
  • Ceilings: wash with a damp clothFloors, skirting boards and thresholds, clean
  • Windows: Take apart windows and clean the windowpanes on both sides.
  • Carpentry around windows and window sills: Clean with a soft sponge or cloth.
  • Radiators and air regulators: Clean with something wet and soap.
  • Lightning: Remove glass lampshades and clean and dry.
  • Electricity sockets and switches: Clean carefully with a damp cloth. WARNING! Do not use water as this can carry electricity.
  • Wardrobes, cupboards and drawers include shelves and pullout baskets: Clean inside and out.
  • Cabinet doors: Clean with a soft sponge or damp cloth.
  • Bed and padded furniture: wipe and vacuum.


  • Clean all the shelves you used and empty out everything from it. And the same in fridge and freezer.

The bathroom/WC

  • Tiles: Remove soap and lime deposits. Use the anti-lime agent available in portions packs.
  • Toilet: Clean carefully inside and outside.
  • Wash basin: Clean carefully inside and outside, including the drain. Clean the tap until it shines! And also clean the drain.
  • Bath/shower: Clean inside and out also the taps with bath remove the front panel so you can clean under it. Also the floor drain. If you have shower clean taps and the walls and wash the shower curtain. Also the floor drain.
  • Bathroom cabinet and mirrors: Clean out the cupboard and polish the mirror.
  • Lamps: Remove lose shades and clean them.
  • Floor and ceiling: Remove soap and lime deposits.

Other space

  • Storage: Empty out, vacuum and clean out
  • Balcony: Remove wooden floor if there is one and clean balcony floor. And empty from trash.

Book inspection time at: in good time before moving out.

The inspection should be done close as possible that you are leaving.