Orientation programme and roll-call in Alnarp

Last changed: 07 May 2024
students in front of the house Alnarpsgården

On this page, you will find information about orientation programme and roll-call day. During the orientation programme you will get useful information about Sweden and studies at SLU. Please visit this page regularly as it is continually updated.

Information about the orientation programme

Date: 26-30 August 2024

The orientation programme is intended for international master's/bachelor's students and exchange students. It is not mandatory to attend, but we recommend you do as you will get useful information about studying in Sweden, while also having fun and getting to know your fellow students.

The orientation programme will be organised partly online and partly on campus. 

Information about the roll-call day for master's programmes and the bachelor programme Forest and landscape

Date: 2 September 2024

If you have been admitted to a master's programme or the bachelor programme Forest and landscape the first day of the semester is 2 September. The roll-call day starts with a joint welcome ceremony for programme students and programme-specific roll-calls.

Attending roll-call day is compulsory for all newly admitted programme students. Compulsory attendance at digital roll-calls applies to students admitted to distance learning programmes.

Exceptions are possible if a student has special reasons for not attending. Students who cannot attend and have special reasons must inform SLU of this by emailing admissions@slu.se no later than 09.00 on 2 September. If you stay at home due to special reasons, you are also encouraged to contact your program coordinator. You can find the contact information on the program page.

  • Information about room allocation for roll-calls will be published here in mid July.

If you are an exchange student or accepted to a freestanding or distance course

Exchange students

It is mandatory for exchange students to attend the course start. At the first class, you will receive important information about the course and the requirements in relation to examination and grading. Registration to the course is required to be able to attend classes, and will activate your insurance and student account.

Accepted to freestanding or distance courses

If you are accepted to a freestanding course, you are usually able to register online. Online registration will be open in Ladok one week before the course starts. To be able to register online, you need to activate your student IT account first (See "How to activate your student IT account" in the checklist). If you cannot register online, your teacher can also register you at the first lecture.

You will find your course schedule on the course pages.

You are also welcome to attend the orientation programme, see information above.

Campus Alnarp

Information about campus Alnarp and the student life in Lund and Malmö.

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