Euroforester - Master´s programme

Published: 16 October 2019
Euroforester Alumni Conference 2015 Latvia

Information for students within the Euroforester Master's programme. You will find information relevant to the programme, contacts and documents.

Welcome to Euroforester

Congratulations to your place in the Euroforester Master's Programme at SLU. We are looking forward to meet you at Alnarp campus this autumn!

The autumn semester will begin with a general presentation on Monday 2 September 2019 at 09:00 in the lecture hall Terra Nova in the Agricum building, Slottsvägen 2 in Alnarp (see the map). At 10.30 you will meet with the course leader of your course for the roll call; Dr Emma Holmström for Sustainable Forestry in Southern Sweden or Prof. Jens Peter Skovsgaard for Silviculture of Temperate Forests. The roll calls will be in the Silvicum building, Sundsvägen 3 in Alnarp (see the map). The study coordinator of Euroforester, Desiree Mattsson will also be there to meet you.

You will find all information that you will need as a new student at SLU at the page New student. On this page you will also find the orientation programme that you are invited to attend. 

At SLU campus Alnarp, the orientation programme for all international students takes place 28-30 August, just before the course start. You will be given essential and useful information about your stay in Sweden and your studies at SLU.

On the course home pages you will find schedules for your classes, course messages and other important information. At the Euroforester courses, you will meet fellow students from both Sweden and other countries. I am confident that many new experiences and exiting meetings lay ahead of you.

Once again, welcome to SLU!

Jörg Brunet, Director of studies Euroforester

Credit transfer

If you want to include courses from other higher education institutions in your degree, you need to transfer the credit for these. The procedure is slightly different depending on whether it is a professional qualification or a general qualification.

If you have successfully completed a higher education course or study programme and you want it to be included in your degree from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, you are entitled to have it considered for credit transfer. The credit transfer procedure is handled by the separate Board of Studies at the faculties, except where it concerns studies from other Swedish higher education institutions that are to be included in a general degree. In the latter case, the credit transfer is handled by the Division of Student Affairs and Learning Development. Find out more.


The aim of a higher education is usually a degree. A degree is a proof that you have acquired knowledge and proficiency to a certain level through your studies. When you have considered that you have completed your studies and want to get your degree certificate, you have to apply for it.
Find out more

Transcript and certificates

Transcripts and certificates are available as an on-line service from My studies here on the student web. Servicecenter at SLU can also assist you, if you want a printed certificate to be sent to your postal adress.

How do I print a certificate from my studies?

My studies can be found on the Student Web's start page.

  • Choose "Certificates" and "Create new certificate"
  • You can choose from the following secure certificates:
    - Transcript of records first and second cycle (studies at SLU)
    - National transcript of records first and second cycle (all Swedish universities / colleges)
    - Certificate of registration first and second cycle (studies at SLU)
  • Transcript shows all your completed courses and any degree.
  • Certificate of registration show the semesters that you have been an active student, i.e. when you have been registered
  • You can get transcripts and certificates in Swedish and English.

When you order a secure certificate through my studies, you will get a PDF-file that you can e-mail and print. Certificates apply as signed and stamped transcripts and certificates.

The receiver can verify  the certificate on a control web. The web address and verification code is on the certificate. The certificate is valid for 360 days.

How do I order a signed transcript or certificate?

Service center on campus in Alnarp, Skara, Umeå and Ultuna will assist you if you need a printed and signed transcript and certificate. Send your request to:

Enter the following information in your e-mail:

  • What kind of certificate you need, a transcript or a certificate of registration
  • Which semesters should be included in your certificate of registration
  • Language of certificate (Swedish or English)
  • Name
  • Swedish ID number or date of birth
  • Postal adress

We will send the transcript and certificate to the address you have provided. Certificates are printed from SLU's study  documentation LADOK and is both signed and stamped.

Independent/degree projects

For information regarding independent/degree projects, please visit the "For teachers" webpage.