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Courses are the building blocks of a university education. Each course has a specific scope, as detailed in the course syllabus. A course may form part of a degree programme or may be taken as a self-contained course.

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Ph.D. course: Statistics II - Experimental Design and ANOVA

Statistics II: Experimental Design and ANOVA, 4 hp hilda.edlund@slu.se The Ph.D. course will be given as a distance course from 1 November to 1 December 2022. Prerequisites: Statistics I or equiv

Statistics IV: Generalized Linear Models, 4 hp

Statistics IV: Generalized Linear Models, 4 hp hilda.edlund@slu.se The Ph. D. course Statistics IV: Generalized Linear Models, 4 hp, is a distance course. Prior knowledge Statistics III:

New PhD course: Criticality in Research/Criticality as Praxis

SLU Urban Futures invites you to apply for the “Criticality in Research/Criticality as Praxis” course, which will take place during Spring 2022 (In person core seminar, Berlin, 4-7 April, 2022 /

Euroforester - Master`s Programme

Information for students within the Euroforester Master's programme. You will find information relevant to the programme, contacts and documents. New applicant to the programme in 2022? There are two

Ph. D. course Statistics I

Statistics I: Basic statistics, 4 hp The Ph.D. course will be given in Umeå 28 February - 1 April 2022. Objectives The objective of the course is to give an introduction to basic probability theory

New course in sustainable aquaculture

The popular aquaculture course will return starting in the autumn semester 2021, in a new, updated version. You will study the most commonly farmed fish species and their reproduction, genetics and

Forest Science programme

This page is for those studying on the Forest Science programme, a five-year degree programme at the Faculty of Forest Sciences. As a student, you will be given the opportunity to obtain a