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Design through practice and management

This is a course for students who want to understand the interdependence of design and management in different scale landscape architecture projects.

Theoretical, methodological and practical approaches and applications in following areas will be discussed during this course:

- Planting design through practice and management. The special value of this part is to introduce well established Swedish practices of working with plant material and dynamic plant communities during garden and park designs, its implementation process, management and maintenance plans.

- History of landscape architecture and its restoration /conservation aspects. This part will be given through the prism of historical precedents and restoration practices from Sweden and Europe.

- Cultural heritage landscapes management and maintenance aspects with emphasis to international and Swedish examples.

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Course evaluation

The course evaluation is now closed

LK0315-10180 - Course evaluation report

Once the evaluation is closed, the course coordinator and student representative have 1 month to draft their comments. The comments will be published in the evaluation report.

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Academic year 2019/2020

Design through practice and management (LK0315-10042)

2019-09-02 - 2019-10-31

Academic year 2018/2019

Design through practice and management (LK0315-30042)

2019-01-21 - 2019-03-25

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Course facts

The course is offered as an independent course: Yes Cycle: Master’s level (A1N)
Subject: Landscape Architecture
Course code: LK0315 Application code: SLU-10180 Location: Uppsala Distance course: No Language: Swedish Pace: 100%