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Participate in Umeå Open Data Climate Challenge

Published: 09 June 2023
Text: "Umeå Open Data Climate Challenge"

SLU is co-organising Umeå Open Data Climate Challenge, where students and others can participate and compete to win prizes for the best ideas and applications that accelerate the climate transition.

The challenge is an initiative from Open Data Umeå and Umeå Municipality. The goal is to use open data to develop ideas and applications to drive and support climate action in Umeå and beyond. The challenge is divided into the following categories: mobility and transport, energy and built environment, consumption and circular economy, food and agriculture, and other.

Individuals, teams and organisations can apply to participate until 27 August 2023. A maximum of six entries will be identified as finalists and they will have eight weeks (during September and October) to develop and deliver their solutions. A panel of judges will then select the winners.

SLU's data can be used in the challenge

One of SLU’s contributions is to provide data.

– SLU's environmental monitoring and assessment generates a lot of data relevant to climate change and climate action. We have also developed different maps, based on our data and other open data resources, that are relevant to this challenge. These include maps of soil carbon stocks and peatland occurrences, says Anna-Lena Axelsson, environmental monitoring and assessment coordinator at SLU in Umeå and active in the National Forestry Data Lab, a collaboration between SLU and the Swedish Forest Agency.

In SLU's environmental data catalogue, you can search for data from the university's environmental monitoring and assessment that is openly available on the web. Each dataset in the catalogue has a contact person who can help answer questions. The support function Data Management Guidance and Development ( can also help with questions about SLU's data.

Inspiration in the SLU University Library in Umeå

Students at SLU have great opportunities to contribute knowledge and ideas to the challenge. In Umeå, those interested in participating or helping others can go to the library where there is an inspiration corner and the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts on a whiteboard.

About the challenge and registration

Read more about the challenge and how to register your idea: Umeå Open Data Climate Challenge.

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