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Are you familiar with IT security?

Published: 30 November 2023

Are you familiar with IT security? Have you received an email from a colleague that feels odd? Attempting to deceive computer users for money, passwords, and account information has become increasingly common in recent years.

The commerce around Black Friday, Christmas shopping, and the stress before the Christmas holiday is a golden opportunity for online fraudsters. It is important to stay safe on the internet.

That's why you should

  • Be more vigilant regarding phishing, malware, passwords, fake documents and websites.
  • Pay extra attention to, and report, deviating functionality and events in IT systems.
  • Be sure to always gather and share information from reliable sources.
  • Install security updates on your phone, computer and other devices as soon as possible.
  • SLU employees: do not use private equipment for work-related tasks unless agreed and approved by the employer. Also avoid private cloud services.

In the event of noticed deviations, please contact

Online training in information security

Learn more about the subject via the security unit online training in information security