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Student approval is now required for publishing

Published: 26 February 2021

To clarify the status of copyright for student projects, it will be mandatory from 1 March 2021 for all students to approve publication before the projects are uploaded to Epsilon. The approval is documented and archived by the responsible department.

According to SLU's Agreement regarding transfer of the right to publish a work, students need to approve the publishing of student projects. From 1 March 2021, the approval must be documented and archived by the department responsible for the course, according to a decision by the Board of Education (UN) on 8 December 2020. The date 1 March 2021 refers to when the work is approved and completed according to Ladok.

─ The change is important to ensure that SLU complies with copyright law and clarifies students' rights to their own work, says Tomas Lundén at the SLU library.

SLU hopes that the proportion of student projects that are published will continue to be high.

─ It is important and contributes in a positive way to the visibility of the individual student´s work, and in the long run also to the visibility of the programmes and courses, as well as the university, to the outside world, emphasizes deputy vice-chancellor Karin Holmgren.

The approval can take place in one of the following ways:

  1. The student can approve or refrain from publishing by signing an appendix to the work plan for student projects.
  2. The student can approve publishing when handing in the project. In the library's template for student projects, for example, it is possible to select via checkbox whether the work is to be published or not.

If the student chooses to publish the work in full text, the pdf file and metadata will be openly visible, searchable and possible to read and download. In cases where the student does not approve publishing, the work must still be uploaded to Epsilon for archiving purposes, but only metadata and summary will then be visible and searchable.

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