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Movium looks ahead

Published: 20 August 2020

Since 1980, The Movium Think Tank has worked for knowledge development and knowledge dissemination both within and together with academia and the industry.

During our anniversary year 2020, we reflect on and celebrate all that we have done during our 40 active years, but we also look ahead and pave the way for our future deed. During the winter of 2020, before the corona pandemic put an end to most things, we sketched a number of future images that we illustrate in this film. We think that much still feels relevant and we believe that it is important to work with future images even when the future is unclear and uncertain. So feel free to take part in our explorations of the everyday life of the future and the city's outdoor environment.

Caroline Dahl,
Operations manager, the Movium Think Tank


Caroline Dahl, Operations Manager at the Movium Think Tank
Enheten för samverkan och utveckling, 040-41 52 61