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Are you interested in global issues and study at SLU? Take three minutes to answer this survey!

Published: 10 March 2020

The objective of the survey is to investigate what interest SLU students have in global development, with the goal to enhance opportunities for SLU students to engage in global development issues.

SLU works continuously with the internationalization of the university and has had comprehensive activities for global development for a long time. Many of the activities are in the form of collaborations with actors in low-income countries for capacity development as well as mobility programs. For the time being, however, the university lacks a space or context where students can express and develop their interests in global development issues.

The survey is made by SLU Global and SIANI. SLU Global is a unit at the Vice-Chancellor's Office that promotes, supports and reflects the University's activities for global development, with the aim of contributing to the global sustainability goals. SIANI (Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative) is a platform for discussion on sustainable food supply and rural development with a focus on global issues.