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SLU launches digital degree certificates

Published: 19 February 2020

In spring, SLU will start issuing digital degree certificates instead of printing them and sending them by post. The degree certificate will be emailed to the email address registered in Ladok Student. Therefore, it is important to check that your listed email address is correct.

There are many advantages of using digital degree certificates:

  • You will receive your degree certificates quicker.
  • The proof is immediately added to an e-archive, and you can easily receive another if you lose one.
  • SLU will use less papers, copiers, printers, colour cartridges, and there are reduced transport costs.
  • It is easy to send digital degree certificates to employers.
  • Digital degree certificates are becoming more common globally.Employers, etc. can verify your certificate by contacting SLU.

Apply for a degree certificate in Ladok Student. If you have any questions regarding your degree or digital degree certificate, contact our administrative officers.




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