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Successful new course about food waste

Published: 15 December 2020
A food waste bin. Photo.

Food waste and how to reduce it is an important topic for sustainable food systems. A new SLU course about food waste, given for the first time this fall, focuses on the current situation and opportunities for the future.

About 30 students at master level participated in the course Food waste – current situation and future opportunities 7,5 hp , which was given on-line due to the Corona situation. The course evaluation, provided by the students, summarises the course as very comprehensive, providing the students with a broad understanding and a lot of perspective on the current situation regarding food waste and its opportunities in the future.

The main objective of the course is to give the students general knowledge about food waste in different stages of the food chain; how and why it occurs, the consequences it leads to, measures that can be taken to reduce it and how it can be utilised in by-products and nutrient recycling. The course also intends to develop the students’ ability to apply scientific methods related to food waste management.

The course covers how food waste occurs and how it is managed throughout the food supply chain; from primary production, processing, manufacturing and distribution, to retail, restaurants, food services and households. Food waste issues are studied from different actors’ perspectives and ethical, social, economic and environmental aspects are taken into account, locally as well as globally.

The course will be given again in 2021.

More information about the course.