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The films about SLU are finally released!

Published: 09 April 2018

We asked people at SLU: How do you contribute to a better world?

Are you as curious as we are to finally see the films that employees, students and alumni have been involved in through collaborative storytelling?

The film about SLU - made by us

Finally premiere for the films about SLU! Do you want to know more about our university? Watch our new films.

Today, we proudly present the Films about SLU - made by us, which provide insight into the work we do at SLU, our challenging science and our contributions to a living world.

Today there are six films. The main film is a longer film covering a mixture of subjects. In addition, there are five thematic films that have been made based on the material we have received: Environment & water, Animals, Food, Forests and Students.

"SLU is a fantastic university. We educate and carry out research on issues that are important to the future of the planet. We dare to challenge established knowledge and we solve real problems", says SLU´s Vice-Chancellor Peter Högberg.

The basic idea of ​​the project is to tie together all different parts of SLU by inviting all those who form SLU, the people at the university, to contribute. All participants filmed their own stories. In the films you will see some glimpses of all the films we received.

SLU is a relatively small university, but we have incredible amounts of heavy research, a lot of education and we are an important piece in Sweden's transformation into a more sustainable society through our environmental monitoring and assessment.


If you have questions concerning the project, please contact the project group at SLU's Division of Communication:


The Strategic Brand Group, Division of Communication