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Three SLU alumni featured in 2019 most exciting sustainability talents list

Published: 14 December 2018

The magazine Aktuell Hållbarhet names this year’s most exciting young sustainability talents in their “33 under 33”-list. Three SLU alumni are featured on the list. SLU Alumni interviewed two of them.

Jens Thulin, 30, business development and entrepreneur, Godsinlösen

Jens is dedicated to sustainability in a number of ways, and runs his own environmentally friendly farm. He's created a strong public profile as a climate smart meat farmer, and has a long track record of sharing knowledge on food production systems, climate change and renewable energy with adults and children alike.

Amanda Borneke, 24, quality assurance manager, CS Riv & Håltagning and green influencer

Amanda works as a quality assurance manager with CS Riv & Håltagning, the only Swedish demolition company to sign the roadmap to a fossil free construction sector, and their own recycling site and business for demolition waste. In addition, Amanda is a communications consultant, and responsible for the Green Party in Mölndal's social media outreach. Her heart is in the right place, and she's passionate about making a difference in the world.

What does it mean to be named one of 2019's most exciting sustainability talents?

Jens – It means that my dedication to contribute to a better and more sustainable world is appreciated, which is both gratifying and inspiring. I am very competitive, so this really motivates me to keep up the work with my farm, my job and the other companies I'm involved in.

Amanda – It's one of the best titles to be awarded in this industry. I'm incredibly grateful that my work is highlighted and acknowledged. That must mean a lot of people care. My dream is to inspire, motivate and engage organizations and businesses in environmental communications.

What did you study at SLU, and when did you graduate?

Jens – I studied landscape architecture with a master's in Sustainable Urban Planning, which at the time was given jointly by SLU and Malmö University. I graduated in 2013.

Amanda - I did a master's in environmental communications and management, and finished in 2017. I did my thesis work with ICA, and that became the starting point for my own consultancy agency Borneke Miljökommunikation (Borneke Environmental Communications).

What impact has your SLU education made on your life?

Jens – On a personal level, my education gave me friends for life and many great memories from my years in Alnarp. On a professional level, it was mostly due to the last two years of my education that I'm such a "sustainability nerd" as I am today.

Amanda - After my bachelor's in environmental science, I knew all about natural the cycles of nature and how human activity's effect on these cycles. I went on to study environmental communication and management. For me, that was the last puzzle piece to realize how I can inspire people to take care of our planet.

What is the biggest challenge we face in sustainability?

Jens – To curb climate change enough to stay below 1.5 degrees global warming.

Amanda - The construction sector will face the biggest challenges, primarily in that we need to dismantle buildings, not just demolish them. Secondly, we need to measure and evaluate: thoroughly assess every project, and look at ways to make the entire business model circular. Sustainability work is the management's responsibility, and sustainability expertise must be present in boards and management. It shouldn't be a second thought.

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