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3 Apr

Webinar on Zoom

Creating Living Knowledge: Lessons learned from an 8 year programme of transdisciplinary research

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Keri Facer. Photo: University of Bristol

What are the benefits and risks of large interdisciplinary collaborations? Keri Facer, professor of the Educational and Social Futures program at the University of Bristol shares her experiences from the UK's Connected Communities programme.

Keri Facer currently holds an August T Larsson visiting professorship at SLU for three years. She has 20 years of interdisciplinary research behind her. In this talk, she will discuss the interdisciplinary work in the UK’s Connected Communities programme, which she led for 6 years from 2012–2018.

The UK’s Connected Communities programme aimed to build partnerships across disciplines and with community partners, to create new forms of knowledge.

Keri Facer will discuss what emerged from the programme, the risks and benefits of this sort of collaborative work, and where her interests now lie – in particular, in the creation of transformative conversations about sustainability transitions.

Keri Facer also currently works together with SLU researcher Åsa Berggren in an exploratory transdisciplinary project at SLU. Read more about this here: You never know the consequences of one conversation

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Time: 2024-04-03 12:05 - 12:55
City: Webinar on Zoom
Organiser: SLU Future Food
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Host, moderator and speaker

Marie Stenseke, Professor at the Department of Economy and Society, University of Gothenburg, Programme Director at the The Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA), SLU, host and moderator.

Keri Facer, August T Larsson Guest Professor at SLU and Professor of Educational and Social Futures at the University of Bristol. 

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The Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) provides an oportunity for SLU researchers from all faculties to increase their knowledge of and interest in interdisciplinary research and to strengthen their ability to address research issues from an interdisciplinary approach. IDA is initiated and led by SLU Future Food, one of SLU's four future platforms, and is also supported by the NJ faculty.

SLU Future Food is a platform that stimulates and develops cross-disciplinary research and collaboration for economically, ecologically and socially sustainable food systems.

Please note

  • The event will be conducted in English
  • The presentation will be recorded, but not the discussion


12:00–12:05 CET

  • You are welcome to join some minutes before the programme starts

12:05–12:55 CET

  • Welcome by SLU Future Food
  • Possibilities for you with IDA – our Interdisciplinary Academy at SLU, Marie Stenseke
  • Creating Living Knowledge: Lessons learned from an 8 year programme of transdisciplinary research, Keri Facer
  • Q&A

12:55–13:25 CET (at the latest)

  • The meeting will remain open for informal discussions