26 Feb
15 Mar

The library, Uppsala

Exhibition in Uppsala: Endangered Species in Embroidery

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Hedgehog on grass, photo.

The embroidery club Tråckelmajorna exhibits embroideries of endangered species in the SLU Library. The exhibition will open on Monday 26 February at 16:00 and is open until 15 March.

During the opening of the exhibition, representatives from the Swedish Species Information Centre will give a short talk on endangered species in Sweden, and members of Tråckelmajorna will be present to answer questions about their works and the project.

Tråckelmajorna is a local embroidery club associated with the national Täcklebo Embroidery Academy (Täcklebo Broderiakakademi). The academy’s mission is to promote embroidery as a means of artistic expression, and strengthen the sense of camaraderie and belonging between its members. The academy consists of professionals as well as amateurs.  

Tråckelmajorna meet twice a month and often embroider according to a chosen theme. For 2023, that theme was “Endangered Species”. 

The other two main SLU campuses will also exhibit embroidery of endangered species in collaboration with local clubs belonging to the Täcklebo Embroidery Academy. Read more the other exhibits here.  


Time: 2024-02-26 16:00 - 2024-03-15
City: Uppsala
Location: The library
Organiser: SLU University Library and Tråckelmajorna
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No registration required.  

Language: Swedish and English.

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