14 Mar


Online seminar series for students working on their thesis – part 2

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Are you about to start writing your bachelor's or master's thesis? Then this is for you! Throughout the spring semester of 2023 the Study Guidance at SLU will offer a three-part online seminar series for all students working on their thesis.

The seminars are held in English and will focus on the work process rather than a specific subject and will offer tips and inspiration to facilitate your work. The seminars will also be a forum where you can meet fellow students being in the same process and discuss your ongoing work. You can share challenges and valuable tips with each other. 

Each seminar contains a lecture given by a guest speaker and discussions in smaller groups.

The different seminars are free standing from each other and you can participate in one, two or the entire series. You thus need to register for each seminar separately.

Part 2: Getting things done and avoiding procrastination

The second seminar will be held on Zoom on Tuesday 14 March 10:00-11:30

During seminar 2 the Student Health Services at Lund University will talk about procrastination. The Student Health Services at Lund University has long experience of meeting students who procrastinate. Some questions that will be discussed are; why do we procrastinate and what can we do to stop procrastinating?

Register for seminar 2 here: https://slu-se.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5ckcu2rqjkrGdybfamxL_9KeFvd-owLGvV0

When you have registered you will receive a confirmation e-mail with Zoom details.


Seminar 3 - Preparing your presentation and defence: Read more and sign up here


Time: 2023-03-14 10:00 - 11:30
City: Online