3 Feb


Worth Knowing Ultuna about 3D printing

This year's first lecture in the popular science series Worth Knowing is about 3D printing of protein- and fiber-rich foods. Interest in this has increased in the food industry. Doctoral students Klara Nilsson and Mathias Johansson will tell us more February 3.

Faba bean fractions for 3D-printing of protein- and fibre-rich foods

3D-printing is relatively little used in the food industry today but has gained a lot of interest and publicity in recent years. One of the biggest challenges of food 3D printing is creating printable inks with suitable properties for the given application and processing.

The lecture is given by Klara Nilsson and Mathias Johansson. They are PhD students at the Department of Molecular Sciences.

Most important to know right now

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Worth knowing

See this spring schedule here. There are three more lectures.


Time: 2022-02-03 12:15 - 13:00
City: Ultuna


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