10 Sep

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Digital solutions replacing academic travel during the corona pandemic – what can we learn?

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Students present a study on the experiences of SLU staff regarding cancelled business trips during the spring and the digital options that in some cases replaced them.

This spring's pandemic has rapidly transformed SLU employees' working situation. Conferences, seminars, meetings and public defences - amongst many other academic activities - have moved to digital platforms or been cancelled. Altogether, the current situation has resulted in considerably reduced business trips and physical mobility, and yet, a lot of high-quality work has been done.

One part of SLU's work to become a climate-neutral university by 2027 is to significantly reduce emissions from business travel. Furthermore, since 2016, SLU has the mission to increase the share of digital meetings according to the method in Resfria möten i myndigheter (REMM). The work with reduced business travel and increased digitalisation has in other words been high on SLUs agenda for a long time. The spring of 2020 presented us with an unlikely but valuable opportunity to answer the question: which academic actitivies can - with maintained quality - be replaced with digital alternatives?

Four students were tasked with researching the matter by the Department of Ecology, Soil and environment, Work science, business economics and environmental psychology and Urban and rural development. This summer, 25 interviews were conducted and a survey was sent out to around 900 employees at SLU. Now, the result is presented in the webbinar: Digital solutions replacing academic travel during the corona pandemic – what can we learn? A warm welcome!

The webbinar will be held in English.

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