15 Sep

Ås, Norway

SLU Landscape PhD Forum at The PhD Colloquium, ECLAS 2019

The SLU Landscape PhD Forum is eager to announce its upcoming workshop in occasion of the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools conference – ECLAS2019 in Ås, Norway.

During the Doctoral Colloquium—first day of the conference on September 15th— the SLU Landscape PhD Forum will facilitate the workshop Peer-learning in doctoral education programs: planning for a strong PhD experience!

The session seeks to share experiences among PhD students in order to enable participants to gain a broader understanding of their own situation both inside and outside academia.


Time: 2019-09-15
City: Ås, Norway
Additional info:

The workshop is for all PhD students who think that Landscape is part of their research projects.

If you plan to go to ECLAS 2019 this year, feel free to join the Doctoral Colloquium and the PhD Forum workshop during the first day of the conference! 

For more information and for the schedule of the day click here               

ECLAS 2019 web page


Andrea Conti
Doctoral Student at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Division of Landscape Architecture

Telephone: +46 18 672661
E-mail: andrea.conti@slu.se