10 Apr

SLU library, Umeå

Worth knowing: Fight poverty - plant a tree

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Can trees help people out of poverty? SLU agronomist Håkan Örberg is involved in the Swedish aid organization Vi-skogen, which plant trees in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Four countries with extensive deforestation.

Vi-skogen has been active since 1983 and works with the agroforestry concept, where tree planting interacts with crops and livestock farming on the farmers' farms. Håkan Örberg will, during his lecture, describe the agroforestry system and how Vi-skogen works in villages around Lake Victoria. The concept has shown positive effects in terms of reduced poverty, malnutrition and soil erosion while creating climate benefits through increased carbon storage in soil and growing trees.

Håkan Örberg is a agronomist and has been the head of the Biomass Technology Center (BTC) pilot plant at SLU. Today, Håkan Örberg is a pensioner but works actively within Vi-skogen.

This lunch lecture will be available through video link.


Time: 2019-04-10 12:00
City: Umeå
Location: SLU library
Organiser: Faculty of Forest Sciences
Additional info:

SLU Umeå invites public and employees to open lunch lectures. We offer vegetarian soup and bread while supplies last. Come at 12 o'clock - the lecture starts ten over! The lecture lasts about 20 minutes and afterwards there is time for questions and discussion.

The lecture is included in Worth knowing... - a series of open lunch lectures at SLU Umeå.

The lecture series Worth knowing is a joint arrangement between SLU's environmental monitoring and assessment, the Faculty of Forest Sciences  and the SLU library.