4 Apr

SLU University Library, Uppsala

Worth knowing: Elements that were and those that were not

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This year, the idea of the Periodic Table of Elements celebrates its 150th anniversary, a fact that is recognized all around the world. To bring attention the the importance and development of this scientific breakthrough, a series of talks are held at SLU.

In the talk, we will follow the development of the idea of what a chemical element is and how they can be discovered. By following some exciting stories from the history of chemistry, the talk explores the discovery of some elements, and how some of them turned out not to be elements at all.  

Analytical chemistry is an important field when it comes to identifying chemical substances. Thus, the talk will also raise topics of the development of methods that permit us to “see” atoms and molecules, and understand their behavior – from taste and smell to advanced instruments.  

Vadim Kessler is a professor of inorganic chemistry and bionanotechnology at the Department of Molecular Sciences. His main research interests lie in the visualization of interactions between mineral nanoparticles and biologically important molecules, with applications in the domains of plant protection. 


Time: 2019-04-04 12:15
City: Uppsala
Location: SLU University Library
Organiser: Department of Molecular Sciences & SLU University Library
Additional info:
The Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences offers the first 20 participants a free lighter meal.
The presentation takes about 20 minutes and will be given in English. Afterwards, there's time for follow-up questions and discussion. 

The presentation is a part of the concept "Worth knowing..." – a series of open lunch seminars at SLU. We invite students and employees at SLU, as well as the general public! 

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