6 Mar

SLU University Library, Uppsala

Worth Knowing: The Periodic Table of Elements - Past, Present, and Future (#IYPt2019)

This year, the idea of the Periodic Table of Elements is celebrating its 150th anniversary which is recognized all around the world with an international year in its honor announced by the United Nations. What were the events and circumstances leading up to the formation of a successful elementary compilation? This and a whole lot more will be explained in the presentation “The Periodic Table of Elements - Past, Present, and Future (#IYPt2019)”.

Daniel Lundberg is a researcher in inorganic chemistry at SLU and has published peer-reviewed journals covering more than 60 chemical elements. His research covers both the size of the ionic radii for metal ions and their effect on the ions' coordination chemistry, but also more environmentally-focused research which aims to explain in which forms different phosphate ions is released from agricultural lands and thus contribute to eutrophication of nearby waters. Dr. Lundberg's own version of the periodic table of elements on ResearchGate is SLU's most read scientific contribution by far on that social medium platform.


Time: 2019-03-06 12:15
City: Uppsala
Location: SLU University Library
Organiser: Department of Molecular Sciences
Additional info:

A light vegetarian meal will be offered for SEK 30. 

The presentation starts at 12:15, but we invite you to come at 12:00 if you would like to buy lunch beforehand. The presentation takes about 20 minutes and will be given in English. Afterwards, there's time for follow-up questions and discussion. 

The presentation is a part of the concept "Worth knowing..." – a series of open lunch seminars at SLU. We invite students and employees at SLU, as well as the general public! 

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