12 Mar

Crafoordsalen, Alnarp with streaming. Link will come.

How can modern food production systems create shared value for people, farm animals and nature?

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A seminar arranged by the International Committee of SLU's "Lantmästarkåren" together with the Open Impact Institute in Uganda. Rushongoka “Rusho” Wa-Mpiira travels from Uganda to SLU Alnarp and welcomes students to a discussion-seminar focusing on farming, population growth and the environment.

Since the industrial revolution, agriculture has developed rapidly, from have been handled manually on small-scale farms to today with modern technology, chemicals and artificial fertilizers. 

The question is whether these methods will be sustainable in the future? Will the soil be able to produce food with the methods we use today? Can we feed the ageing and growing population with today’s food production without risking damaging our planet? 

In this seminar we want to discuss how we, in the future, can secure the availability of nutritious food, create work- and business opportunities, while we take care of the animal welfare and work in harmony with the natural ecosystems.

  • Should we go back to the original ways of food production? 
  • Should we focus on sustainable intensification with modern biotechnology and artificial intelligence? 


International Committe 

Follow the seminar online!

If can not join us in Alnarp, you can follow the seminar online via this link. The seminar will also be published at SLU Global's You Tube channel afterwards.


Open Impact Institute (on Facebook)

AGcelerate is a multi-stakeholder partnership initiative for collaboration and co-creation. Today, the initiative has over ten partner institutions from academia, think tanks, business incubators and development agencies. SLU is one of the partners through SLU Global and the theme Efficiency in farming systems.


Time: 2019-03-12 17:00
City: Alnarp with streaming. Link will come.
Location: Crafoordsalen
Organiser: Lantmästarkåren at SLU
Additional info:

For questions, please contact  Pernilla Edströmer ”T. Marley” Paed0003@stud.slu.se 

We offer "fika" for those who show up!