Last changed: 31 January 2023

As a student you need a user name and a password to access information on the student web, and to log on to SLU’s computers and SLU’s network. On this page you will find more information about what to do if you are a new student, have forgotten your login details or want to change your password.

New student

If you are a new student at SLU you will find information about how to activate your account at New student.

Forgotten password

You can generate a new password by going to ID-Portalen and click on the tab password.

Change password

Go to ID-Portalen and follow the instructions under the tab Change password.

Another way to change your password is to click Ctrl+Alt+Del when you have logged on. Then you will see a new menu including an option for changing the password.

When you are logged on to your mail account you can also click Settings, the little gear high up on the right side of the web page, and choose the option for changing the password.

Some of the IT systems at SLU reqiures typing ad\ before your username when logging on. So try adding that prefix to your log on attempt if you can't log on.


SLU IT-Servicedesk


Tel: 018-67 66 00

(+46-18-67 66 00 when calling from outside Sweden)

Open 08.00-16.00