Print and scan

Last changed: 02 February 2017

Printing with Follow-print:

There is a video guide showing how to do: Click here for the guide.

  1. There are two ways to identify yuorself at the printer:
    - Type your AD account name and password. It will always work, but gets probably a bit tiresome in the long run.
    - Log on with your personel SLU access card by holding it against the specified area at the front of the machine.
  2. To be able to use method 2 you must get the access card and connect it with your AD account (Guide here: )
  3. After that the card is connected to your identity and states basically "This card represents this persons AD log on account".
  4. And then you will be able to see your queue with stored print-outs and can choose to print or delete them. You can also switch to Copying mode or Scan to e-mail.

Followprint and followprint-sv

The followprint queue is the only one you will need to print to from your computer. The default setting is to print in black-and-white and duplex. To change this, just open the printer settings in the print dialog and choose your settings, for example color. The next time you print the settings will be back to their defaults.


SLUPrint makes it easy to scan directly to your e-mail address. The default settings are optimized for documents.

See the video guide!