Price list for printing

Last changed: 14 October 2019

These prices are valid for students for printing and copying with the common printers/copiers in computer labs and the library.

Prices black and white

A4, plain side 0,2375 kr
A4, duoble side 0,2125 kr (each side)
A3, plain side 0,4375 kr
A3, duoble side 0,4125 kr (each side)

Prices colour

A4, plain side 0,8125 kr
A4, duoble side 0,7875 kr (each side)
A3, plain side 1,6125 kr
A3, duoble side 1,5875 kr (each side)

Prices plotters

Black & white: 62,5 kr / meter

Colour: 93,75 kr / meter

The prices for the plotters are approximate and calculated after how much paper the plotters feeds. Therefore you should try to plan your printouts so  they consume as little paper as possible.



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