Frequently Asked Questions

Last changed: 24 May 2021

Who can participate in Thesis Day?

All students at SLU who write their degree project or independent project during the academic year 2020/21 may participate in Thesis Day.

The event is open to the public to attend.

What awards are available?

There are three competitions available to participate in. 

  • Best scientific poster
    The winner will receive the award during the live broadcast.

  • Present your project during the live broadcast
    Three projects are selected by a jury to present their work during the live broadcast. Please check the box in the registration form to take part in this.

    Winners are notified by 7 May and are expected to participate in a workshop on presentation techniques. The workship is split up in two sessions: 12th and 19th May (at 13.00-15.00).

  • Global sustainability award
    Complete details on the awards page
    The winner will receive the award during the live broadcast.

For more information on the awards, go to the awards page.

What format do I use for the poster presentation?

We have a template in PowerPoint for the scientific poster. In the template you can change the different elements according to your needs.

You should make your poster in the PowerPoint template for scientific poster. The poster should be saved as a PNG file, prior to uploading it into the poster submission form. Ensure the file is saved without compressing the images in the file (PDF, 254KB).

The images in the poster are blurry when saved as a PNG. How to fix?

When saving the Power Point poster into a PNG file, please ensure to check the box to not compress the images in the file. See this guide on how to do this (PDF, 254KB).

How do I submit my poster?

Posters are uploaded digitally via an online submission form 

Deadline to submit is 20 May, 2021 at 16.00

Prepare the material according to these instructions, before filling out the form/submitting

What type of networking opportunities are there?

  • Participating students have an opportunity to include his/her LinkedIn profile on the personal information section with the poster presentation.
  • Virtual mingle on Wonder, following the live broadcast.
  • Alumni and representatives from SLU and other organisations/companies will participate in the broadcast, as well as the mingle.


How do I register for Thesis Day?

Registration deadline for Thesis Day was 3 May 2021 to be eligible for the Best Poster Award. We are accepting late registrations until 16 May.

If you are participating with a classmate, you have to register separately.

Registration form

Important dates

  3 May      Registration deadline

10 May      Last day to submit your pitch for the Global Sustainability Award

20 May      Last day to upload your poster and personal presentation

26 May      Thesis Day

How do I use Wonder for the virtual mingle?

Wonder instructions

The Basics

  • Once you are in a Wonder room, click and hold anywhere in the room and your avatar will move to your Bring your avatar to another avatar, and a circle will form.
  • Circles can have up to 15 participants.
  • Anyone in a circle can share their screen to the circle via the icon on the bottom center of your screen.
  • You can also use the chat function to message someone via text.

The Extras

Chat function

There are three ways to use the chat function:

  1. "Circle": A message is only seen by the current circle you are in.
  2. "Private": A message is only seen by sender and receiver.
  3. "Everyone": A message is sent to everyone in the room.

If you leave one Wonder room for another, you will be able to see only your "Private" message history.

Only the people in the room/circle at the time of the message being sent will see the message.


Forming a circle

There are four different ways to either create or join circles:

  1. Click and hold anywhere in the Wonder room and your avatar will move to your clicked position. When you get close to another avatar, let go, and a circle will open. You can see this in action here.
  2. Follow the same steps and enter a pre-existing circle; you will automatically become a part of the conversation.
  3. When hovering over an avatar in the room, click “Invite to circle.” They will then see an invitation next to the Chat Icon saying, “Let’s chat!” Accept the invitation and a circle will form.
  4. When hovering over an avatar in the same circle, click “Invite to Circle.” They will then see an invitation next to the Chat Icon saying, “Let’s break out!” Accept the invitation and a new circle will form outside of the pre-existing circle.

For more support on how to use Wonder, please go to their support website


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