Resources and Support

Last changed: 29 January 2024

There are many resources available to you when . Here are some of them. If you feel something is missing, please let us know by sending an email to

Seminars and workshops

During the year, we host various sessions on study techniques, procrastination, getting started with your thesis, how to create a scientific poster, etc. There are also sessions on how to improve your LinkedIn page, starting a business in Sweden, etc.

Calendar of events

SLU Library

The SLU University Library has information on how to refer, reference management software, copyright when you want to use other people's illustrations in your work, tips and support for your writing process, as well as templates and writing instructions for designing reports for independent work and other student projects. 

Study and Career Guidance

Student Healthcare

Do you feel stressed by expectations, deadlines, and a high workload? Do you need tips for how to reduce or handle symptoms of stress and anxiety? This time of your studies can be tough, but there is help to get you through it.

Contact Student Healtcare

Labour Unions

In Sweden, nearly 70% of the working population belongs to a union. Swedish Unions are powerful and they regulate the essential parts of the Swedish employment market. Most of the unions welcome members who are still students. You apply for a membership in a union closest to your educational background.

Labour unions can assist the members with:

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Protection in a conflict with your employer
  • Support and advice in legal matters regarding employment
  • Career guidance
  • Skills development
  • CV reviews

Links to external websites for more information about labour unions:


018-67 34 47  / 018- 67 20 18