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Last changed: 25 January 2024

What is Thesis Day?

Thesis Day 2024 will take place on Friday, 24 May in Ultuna and on Friday 31 May in Alnarp. It gives SLU an opportunity to celebrate the students and put a focus on all the fantastic research projects.

The afternoon will include oral presentations, awards, a poster exhibition, networking and celebration.

Valli Tirounavoucarassou, deltagare i Thesis Day. Photo: Johan von Feilitzen
What is Thesis Day about?
Film clip/interview with Thesis Day participants (links to

Photos and news article from Thesis Day 2023

Who can participate in Thesis Day?

All students at SLU who write their degree project or independent project during the academic year 2023/24 may participate in Thesis Day.

The event is open to the public to attend.

Why should I participate in Thesis Day?

  • An opportunity to celebrate your achievement
  • Showcase your degree project
  • Learn how to present your research to the public
  • Gain oral presentation skills
  • Network with students, staff and alumni

Indrachapa, Thesis Day 2022 participant. Photo: Johan von Feilitzen
Why should you join Thesis Day?
Film clip/interview with Thesis Day participants (links to

What is it like to make an oral presentation?

Making an oral presentation at Thesis Day is optional and separate from the presentation you will make of your degree project for examination of the course.

When registering for Thesis Day, there is an option to be available for selection to make an oral presentation during Thesis Day. About five projects per location are selected each year. Currently Alnarp and Ultuna campuses are participating. If you are studying at one of the other SLU campuses, there is still an option to participate in Alnarp or Ultuna. Travel grants are available.

Interviews with students making oral presentations (link to

Film clip of students making oral presentations (link to

Important dates

7 May   
Last day to register

15 May   
Last day to submit your contribution for the Global Sustainability Award

20 May    
Deadline to upload your poster (Ultuna participants)

24 May   
Thesis Day in Ultuna

27 May at 12.00  
Deadline to upload your poster (Alnarp participants)

31 May
Thesis Day in Alnarp

How do I register for Thesis Day?

7 May 2024
Registration deadline for Thesis Day to be eligible for making an oral presentation. Late registrations are accepted until 19 May.

Registration for Thesis Day 2024

If you are participating with a classmate (joint project), you have to register separately.

20 May
Poster submission deadline for Ultuna participants (and late registration deadline due to availability)

27 May
Poster submission deadline for Alnarp participants (and late registration deadline due to availability)

How do I submit my poster?


Ultuna: 20 May 2024
Alnarp: 27 May 2024 at 12.00


Posters are uploaded digitally via an online submission form. We will print the poster for you and display it in the poster exhibition during Thesis Day 2024. You are welcome to keep your poster after the event.

Please submit your poster in high resolution pdf.

Prepare the material according to these instructions, before filling out the form/submitting

It is possible to submit the poster as a power point document. If so, please make sure your have used standard fonts (Arial, Times, etc.) to ensure the poster looks the same when opening it on a different computer.

If other fonts are used, please submit the poster as a high resolution pdf (see instructions above on how to convert the power point).

What format do I use for the poster presentation?



SLU has a template in PowerPoint for the scientific poster. In the template you can change the different elements according to your needs. You are welcome to use other software to create the poster, as long as it adheres to the SLU brand guidelines.

The images in the poster are blurry. How do I fix this?

Please ensure that the images used in the poster have a high resolution in order to print well. 200 dpi or higher is preferred for printing.

If you are using the power point template and converting it into a printable pdf, please follow these directions to ensure the images are converted correctly:

Instructions on how to format a ppt to a pdf for print

Support to participants

During the year, we host various sessions on study techniques, procrastination, getting started with your thesis, how to create a scientific poster, etc. There are also sessions on how to improve your LinkedIn page, starting a business in Sweden, etc. All sessions are listen in the "Upcoming activities" on the Thesis Day start page.

More support available: See Resources and Support

What awards are available?

There are three competitions available to participate in. 

  • Best scientific poster
    The jury will be at the event to select the winners. Awards are presented during the events in Alnarp and Ultuna.

  • Present your project at the event
    Eight projects are selected to present their work, four each in Alnarp and Uppsala. Please check the box in the registration form to take part in this (deadline 2 May to be eligible).

    Winners are notified by 5 May and are expected to participate in a workshop on presentation techniques. The workship is split up in two 2-hour sessions (dates tbd). The first session is digital and the second session is in person in Alnarp/Ultuna.

    Short film clip showing what it's like making an oral presentation during Thesis Day (opens up in

    Oral presentation during Thesis Day 2023. Foto credits: SLU

  • Global sustainability award
    Complete details on the awards page
    The winners will be announced and receive the awards at the events in Ultuna and Alnarp, with an opportunity to briefly introduce the project to the audience.

More information about the awards

What type of networking opportunities are there?

  • Participating students have an opportunity to include his/her LinkedIn profile on the personal information section on the poster.
  • Alumni and representatives from SLU and other organisations/companies are invited to attend.


Will there be a photographer at the event?

There will be a photographer/videographer at the event.

If you wish that SLU do not use photographic and/or video recordings of you, in printed and/or electronic form, please inform the staff at the Thesis Day registration or email to let us know.

The recordings may be used to promote SLU and its operations; for recruitment purposes, for press and for editorial material produced by a third
party but relating to SLU, its operations and subject areas, and used on web sites, in presentations, printed publications and social media.

Information about the processing of personal data in the shape of photos and videos at SLU


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