Plant Biology - Master's programme

Published: 23 April 2018

Information for those studying on the Plant Biology Master's programme (two-year). On these pages you will find information about the programme, contact details and the documents governing the degree programme.

Independent Project

What are the rules for those doing an independent project as part of the Plant Biology programme?

In order to be awarded the degree of Master of Science, you must carry out an independent project/degree project at master level (A2E) worth at least 30 credits. All independent projects have a course syllabus and the course schedule indicates when these courses are offered.

How do I find a subject and a supervisor? Find out more on the general pages about independent projects

What specific requirements are there for the independent project on my programme? These are indicated in Appendix 3 of the programme syllabus.

Find out more:

  • About independent projects at SLU
  • Specific information about independent projects at the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences

Admission to latter part

Here you will find information about admission to latter parts of SLU programmes and how you apply.

In spring semester 2019 the available places on the programme are:

  • Year 2 admitted 2017: 5 places


If there are more qualified applicants than available places when the application period has ended, than the applicants are ranked according to how many credits they can transfer to the degree. When the applicants have equal credentials, lottery is applied.


Programme Director of Studies - Plant Biology

Gerd Johansson, Lecturer
Department of Soil and Environment,, 018-671228

Assistant programme director of studies - Plant Biology

Anna Berlin, Researcher
Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, 018-67 15 79

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