Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management

Published: 16 October 2019
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This webpage is for students in the Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management Master´s programme. Here you find information about the program including the 2019 welcome letter, your course schedule, contacts, and other course related documents. Navigate by clicking on the headings below.

Welcome letter

Congratulations on receiving a place in the Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management Forestry Master's Programme at SLU. We are looking forward to meeting you here in Umeå this autumn!

The autumn semester 2019 officially begins on September 2nd with a light breakfast 09.15 (room: Åteln) and roll call at 09.45 (room: Aspen) at SLU Umeå (see map). On this day you will also receive important programme specifics and meet the directors of the Master's programme. Attendance to the roll call is mandatory.

Prior to the official roll call, you are invited to attend the orientation programme in Umeå which will be held August 29-30. At the orientation you will be given essential and useful information about your stay in Sweden, your studies at SLU, as well as an opportunity to meet the other students in the Master's programme. You can find more information about the orientation, as well as other valuable details at the SLU's New Student information page. This page also includes information about the roll call.

You will start your studies with the courses, Forest History – Human Utilisation and Vegetation Dynamics and Forest Ecosystems Ecology. On these course pages you will find schedules for your classes and course messages.

The next two years will be full of hard work, but they will also be valuable, exciting, and a lot of fun. During your studies you will take courses in different subjects taught by instructors from both Sweden and throughout the international community, all of whom are excited to share with you their unique and variable world perspectives on the issues of forest ecology and sustainable management.
On behalf of the Faculty of Forest Sciences and the Department of Forest Ecology and Management, we are pleased to welcome you to SLU and Umeå, the capital of Northern Sweden. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!

Once again, welcome to SLU!

Sandra Jämtgård, director of programme studies
Kelley Gundale, deputy director of programme studies

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