Contact information for the Student welfare groups and the Student welfare council

Last changed: 14 May 2024

If there are any student welfare issues that you think should be discussed, you can contact the student welfare group at your study venue. You can also go via your students’ union or contact the SLUSS representatives on the Student welfare council.

Composition of Strå

  • Chair - Pär Forslund
  • Faculty of Natural Resources and Agriculture Sciences - Richard Ferguson
  • Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Agricultural Science - Karl Lövrie
  • Faculty of Forest Sciences - Ola Lindroos
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science - Eva Sandberg
  • Sluss (Joint Committee of Students) – Clara Hernblom,
  • Sluss (Joint Committee of Students) – Julia Lindh,
  • Secretary - Ylva Eklind, 

Student welfare group conveners