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Sign up for Pot Luck Lunch!

Published: 18 September 2023
Pots and plates with food, photo.

Sign up for Culture@Campus’ Pot Luck Lunch! Bring a homemade dish to share with others, and taste the food that others bring!

Culture@Campus cordially invites everyone working or studying at Campus Ultuna to participate in our potluck lunch on 19 October at 12.10! We’ll put out the tables and provide plates and cutlery - you will bring the food!

Please note that you need to bring a complete list of ingredients as well. No peanuts may be included in any dish. You don’t have to cook many portions: because everyone will bring something for others to share, it’s enough to bring a small amount.

If the dish needs to be heated, there are microwaves which you can use. You are responsible for making sure that the food is kept in a safe way until it's time to serve it.

Register before 15 October.

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