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New course pages and new look on the student web

Published: 01 December 2020

Today, we are launching our new search function for courses, as well as new course pages. The student web start page also has a new look.

The course search page has a new design and improved functionality. You’ll find it easier to use the free-text field to search for courses, and easier to filter results based on course type and subject.

The search box is also available on the course page, meaning you can do a new search without having to return to the previous page.

The course search page is available on the student web and the main SLU website.

Better integration with other IT systems

The course pages have also had a substantial facelift. We want it to be easy to navigate between different applications.

This is why we have added a Canvas button to allow you to quickly switch between the course page and your Canvas course rooms, and if there is an open course evaluation, this will activate a link to the course evaluation system, Evald.

Another new button means you can now apply for the course at just by clicking.

There is a separate area for a course description. This way, you can get an idea of the course content, making it easier to decide whether you want to apply.

The new course pages are also indexed, meaning search engines such as Google will display them in search results.

Changes to the student web start page

We’re also adding a new area to the student web start page. The display of courses you’re registered on has been removed as it often showed the wrong information. Instead, you can see what courses you’re registered on in Ladok Student, and to find your course page you can either use the course search or access it via the course schedule on the programme page. You can access your course evaluations through a new button on the start page, or from your course page.

The new start page area has links to several useful applications:

  • Search for courses
  • Ladok Student
  • Canvas Student
  • My desktop
  • Evald course evaluations
  • My e-mail
  • Schedules and make study room reservations in TimeEdit
  • Emergency or incident

There is a new area where SLU can post information for students, and a space for adding links to web pages frequently used by students.