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New system for reporting incidents and improvement proposals

Published: 02 September 2019

The new IA system (Information om arbetsmiljö/Work environment information) is a one-stop tool for reporting incidents and improvement proposals at SLU.

As of today, September 2, you can report via the new system behind "Emergency or incident" on the staff web and student web. On the pages behind "Emergency or incident" you will also find information on how to use the system and how to install the IA app. 

The following areas are covered by the IA system: 

  • work environment
  • environment
  • property
  • personal safety
  • information security
  • personal data breaches
  • quality (Lövsta only).

What kind of incidents can be reported in IA?

  • accidents
  • incidents
  • risks observed
  • non-conformities
  • improvement proposals.

Training for managers and safety representatives

If you are a manager or a safety representative, you should take the web-based training offered by AFA Försäkring. That way, you are prepared when the time comes to manage your first incident report:

Web-based training for managers and safety representatives


IA is short for “information om arbetsmiljö”, work environment information. It is a web-based system developed by AFA Försäkring together with Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation and the Council for Negotiation and Cooperation. The system can be used to report, follow up and act on incidents. SLU has access to the system free of charge through the Central Government Social Partners’ Council.

SLU has opted to implement IA in order to make it easier to report incidents and, not least, improvement proposals in all areas. The system has a number of functions such as risk management, action plans, checklists and planning health and safety inspections. Managers and safety representatives are welcome to use these functions and help implement and develop them.

If you have questions, comments or - once the system has been in use for a while - suggestions for development, please contact the project team.