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Ladok Student is up and running

Published: 18 May 2018

Ladok is a national university-wide system for study documentation and study administration. In Ladok's student interface, Ladok Student, you can manage your own study administration.

You reach Ladok Student from the Student web startpage.

You can do the following as a student in Ladok Student:

  • Find an overview of the courses you are taking.
  • Register for an examination.
  • View examination results and grades on the course.
  • Create certificates for expected participation, registration, results and national results.
  • Apply for degree certificate.Update contact information.
Check your email address in Ladok student

It's important that you check your email address in Ladok Student. Enter the email address that you want SLU to contact you through and which you are sure to use. You will find your contact details under "My Pages" in Ladok Student

In the manual for Ladok Student you can read more about what you can do in Ladok Student and the different steps for each moment.

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