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SLU students at the Youth & Agenda 2030

Published: 27 September 2016

“Agenda 2030 is all about youth!” With these words, Johan Hassel, CEO at Global Challenge, started off the seminar on Youth & Agenda 2030, which was co-hosted by the Swedish Development Forum, FuF and the National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations, LSU.

The goals of the seminar were to increase knowledge about the Sustainable Development Goals amongst youth, to inspire, to create a picture of a Global Youth Movement, and to provide participants with concrete ideas of how to promote a successful Agenda 2030.

SLU were represented at the seminar by the chair of the student union for the Agriculture and Rural Management Programme, Filippa Jansson and the head of the international committee, Cecilia Klasson. 

More information about and documentation from "Youth and Agenda 2030" can be found here.