13 Mar

Lagan, Småland

Study visit for PhD students at SLU Forest Damage Centre research school

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Spruce. Photo.

Welcome to study visit! SLU Forest Damage Centre welcomes PhD students to a first study visit. It will take place at Sveaskog, Svenska skogsplantor seed production unit in Lagan on Wednesday the 13th of March.

This will be a one-day visit where we will get the chance to see their seed production unite in action as well as some of their seed orchards. We will have time to discuss and ask questions about seed production and seed orchards as well as plant/providence chooses and management of seed orchards.

There will be a program between 9 am to about 16 pm. The location is Lagan in Småland. The planed program will allow driving from Alnarp (2 hours) in the morning. Those who have longer travels can stay overnight at Best Western Hotel in Alvesta (40 min from Lagan). For those that stay in Alvesta we will rent cars to go to Lagan in the morning.

You register for the study visit by sending an e-mail to Åke Olson at ake.olson@slu.se. If you have any allergies or food restrictions, please include them in the registration mail. Also inform me if you need a space in a car from Alvesta to Lagan and back.

Deadline for register for the study visit is 4th of March.


Time: 2024-03-13 09:00
City: Lagan, Småland
Organiser: SLU Forest Damage Centre research school
Last signup date: 4 March 2024
Additional info:

The SLU Forest Damage Centre research school will pay the travel cost and hotel for those who needs. You book your own travel and room. Bills are forward to Åke Olson (390AON).

You register for the study visit with an email to ake.olson@slu.se.

Map - Lagan 



9.00 am Introduction of Sveaskog, Swedish Forest Planters' seed unit

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Visit birch seed orchards and Norway spruce seed orchards


Åke Olson, researcher
Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology
Section for forest pathology
Ake.Olson@slu.se, 018-671876