20 Sep

The room Skörden, Alnarp

Strategies for Handling Master Suppression Techniques/Micro Aggressions

Very welcome to a seminar where you will hands-on learn how to communicate when mastered with.

Do you sometimes feel made fun of, invisible or insignificant in a meeting, lecture, supervisory meeting at the university? There is something at play that you feel is larger than yourself? Master Suppression Techniques, also called Non-events or Micro Aggressions, are sometimes used. They can be found in expressions, formulations, body language and much more. Many of us can turn to using these techniques unconsciously or consciously when we feel pressured or threatened in a conversation. Not seldom is power, norms and inclusiveness things that are at stake.

Goals for the 3 hour workshop

  • learn about master suppression techniques (härskartekniker), what they are and how they are played out at university and elsewhere
  • reflect upon when and how you have encountered them
  • workshop around own successful defense strategies
  • get theory around counter techniques and confirmation strategies
  • acquire some communicative tools to use next time you are mastered with


The workshop will be a mix of mini lectures and work in pairs and smaller groups in order to translate and being able to apply the content to one’s own context and role.

Language: the workshop is held in English.

Workshop facilitator

Katarina Billing, licensed psychologist, journalist & senior partner INDEA with a 20+ year experience of supporting students and researchers at all levels at different Swedish universities.


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Time: 2023-09-20 12:30 - 15:30
City: Alnarp
Location: The room Skörden
Organiser: JLV committee at the LTV Faculty