7 Jun

PO Bäckström, Umeå

Let's talk science! Do the trees talk to each other?

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Let's talk science! is a seminar series inititated by the Faculty of forest sciences to invigorate the scientific conversation within SLU. This time we invite you to discuss the theories behind what is known as the 'Wood Wide Web', a popular theory but with little scientific support according to some researchers.

NEW ROOM: PO Bäckström


No one with an interest in nature could have missed media reports on how new findings show that trees talk to each other underground and share resources through a common network of mycorrhizae. But the topic is controversial in the scientific community. What do we really know about this?

Mycologist Justine Karst, University of Alberta, has recently published an article reviewing the scientific publications behind the "Wood Wide Web" theories. She is coming to Umeå to talk about her conclusions.

She will be joined by Nils Henriksson, researcher in ecophysiology, who also has a forthcoming publication on the subject. Anders Dalhberg, professor of mycology at SLU, will also attend.

Hjalmar Laudon will lead the discussion. Rooms at SLU Ultuna (Framtiden at MVM), Alnarp (Silvicum) and Skinnskatteberg will be connected for remote participation.


Time: 2023-06-07 13:15 - 14:15
City: Umeå
Location: PO Bäckström
Organiser: Faculty for forest sciences, SLU
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