20 Apr

Studion, first floor in the Teaching Building, Uppsala och online

Worth Knowing: How does authoritarianism fuel natural resources depletion and vice versa?

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A clear-cut forest

Welcome to a “Worth knowing” lecture on the relationship between authoritarianism on natural resource depletion.

Constructing environmentally sustainable and democratic political regimes constitutes the most important political project of our times, marked by climate change and the proliferation of authoritarianism. In this lecture, Noémi Gonda, researcher at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, tells us more about how authoritarian governments in countries such as Hungary and Nicaragua use land grabbing, energy policies, and climate change interventions to favour right-wing political elites, respond to geopolitical interests, and reproduce oppressive relations. Addressing this challenge will require rapidly re-inserting sustainable environmental politics into a broader agenda of democratic governance. 

Soup is served from 12.00. The lecture starts at 12.15. If you can’t join us live, the lecture will also be live-streamed on SLU Play


Time: 2023-04-20 12:15
City: Uppsala och online
Location: Studion, first floor in the Teaching Building
Organiser: SLU University Library
Additional info:

“Worth Knowing” is the SLU Library’s popular science lecture series. The aim of the series is to share and increase awareness of SLU’s research, both at our own university and with the general public. A simple lunch is served free of charge and after the lecture, you have the opportunity to ask questions to the lecturers.
Language: English

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