15 Feb

Se program, Umeå

Inauguration of the anniversary year: 100 years on the forest inventory and field research

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This year the Swedish Forest National Inventory and the experimental forests and research stations celebrate 100 years. The opening of this anniversary year takes place on 15 February in Umeå.

The program will be in English.

100 years ago, we realised that we needed to have a better understanding of forests, both in terms of how much forest there is and how the forest ecosystem works. In 1923, the Swedish National Forest Inventory was launched and the foundations were laid for several field research stations focusing on forests.

Celebrate with us at SLU as we mark 100 years of studying the forest. The programme for the day can be found below.

All students and employees are welcome!


Time: 2023-02-15 11:00 - 13:00
City: Umeå
Location: Se program
Organiser: SLU Faculty of Forest Sciences


  • 11:00 Film screening at P-O Bäckström’s hall: "A forest of numbers – a hundred years of measurements and experiments"
  • 11:30 Questions and answers with Elin Fries, filmmaker and Jonas Fridman who commissioned the film.
  • 12:00 Light lunch outside the SLU campus entrance. First come, first served!
  • 12:15 Opening speech; Göran Ericsson, Dean at the Faculty of Forest Sciences, Cornelia Roberge, head of the National Forest Inventory and Charlotta Erefur, head of the Unit for Field-based Forest Research.
  • 12:30 Entertainment: Nationskören (a student choir).

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Elisabeth Nyström, International Officer
Faculty of Forest Sciences, SLU
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