6 Dec

Ultuna + Zoom

EU Careers - Internship opportunities and jobs within EU

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Are you dreaming about a job in Brussels? Are you curious about what it is like to do an internships or work in EU institutions? Join us at this lunch event to learn more from our students and alumni. You can attend in person in Ultuna or online via Zoom.

What really happens in Brussels?

How can I as a student make a difference in EU and learn more about Sweden's role in EU politics?

Two students and an alumnus will talk about their experiences and what opportunities there are. We will also provide useful information for when you are applying for internships and jobs. Come listen and ask questions. Participate in person in Ultuna or online via Zoom.

The programme will be held in English.

Link to Zoom

Passcode: 848476

A light lunch will be available to the first 30 people attending in Ultuna.




Edvard Fröding
SLU student and Student ambassador for EU Careers (EPSO)

Niklas Koserius, private photo Niklas Koserius
SLU student och Intern at European Commission
Gustaf Svenungsson SLU alumnus. Photo, private Gustaf Svenungsson
SLU alumnus and Political expert at the European Parliament


SLU Alumni, SLU Career & SLU Mobility
Division of Educational Affairs



12.00-12.15 Lunch (light lunch available for the first 30 students)

12.10-13.00 Programme and Q&A

Mingle and conversations for those who are able to stay longer.