23 Oct
27 Oct

Alnarp, Umeå, Uppsala

Open Access Week: Open Access at SLU – this week and all other weeks

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Collage of six photographs related to open science, with unlocked padlocks (illustrations) above each image. At the bottom there is text: "International Open Access Week 2023, Octob4er 23-29, #OAWeek".

How is SLU working on the transition to open science and how open is our research and environmental assessment today? The SLU Library is organising a poster exhibition at all main campuses to answer these questions.

In conjunction with International Open Access Week, the Library is highlighting SLU's work with open science. Come by our poster exhibition and learn (almost) everything you need to know about open science, open access publishing and open data!

The exhibition will be available in all three main locations throughout the week. In Alnarp the exhibition is displayed at the entrance of Alnarpsgården, in Umeå by the library and in Uppsala at different locations every day:

  • Monday: Ulls hus (Floor 1, close to the Service Centre).
  • Tuesday: VHC (entrance).
  • Wednesday: Ecology Centre (entrance)
  • Thursday: BioCenter (entrance)
  • Friday: MVM building (Ljushallen, outside the lunch room)

International Open Access Week

The poster exhibition is part of SLU University Library's programme during International Open Access Week, a global event held in October each year to highlight the value of open access to research results. Open Access Week 2023 takes place on 23–29 October.

What else happens at SLU during Open Access Week?

  • All week: Open Access at SLU – this week and all other weeks (Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala)
  • 24 October: Get started with open science! (Umeå)
  • 25 October: Get started with open science! (Alnarp)
  • 25 October: Conversation and coffee with Open Science Uppsala (Uppsala)
  • 26 October: Get started with open science! (Uppsala)
  • 27 October: Snow Leopard Reports – an Open Access Journal at SLU (webinar)

For time, place and more information, see the library's calendar.


Time: 2023-10-23 - 2023-10-27
City: Alnarp, Umeå, Uppsala
Organiser: SLU University Library
Additional info:

Language: Swedish and English

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