28 Sep

Gunnarshögs Gård, Hammenhög

Workshop on the possibilities of rapeseed

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Field of flowering yellow rape seed

Students at SLU and Lund University are invited to a workshop focusing on the possibilities of rapeseed. Study visit to a rapeseed oil production site, discussions about the potential future of rapeseed as a protein crop for food. You get to press your own rapeseed oil. Lunch is included. Free bus back and forth from Alnarp and Lund. The deadline for registration is September 20th 2022.

Leaflet in Swedish

The workshop is a part of the project Improving the quality of rapeseed cakes for high-quality feed and food within SLU Grogrund.

Rapeseed is grown in Sweden as a given, high-yielding and environmentally sustainable oil crop in succession systems. Today, oil is primarily extracted from the seeds, and the residual product is pressed into a seed cake or flour, depending on the oil pressing method. The cake is currently used as a protein-rich feed, mainly given to cows; however, it contains high levels of antinutrients (substances that are toxic and bitter) which limits the amount that can be used. Considering the growing global population, an increased desire to switch out soy in animal feed, and an increased consumption of plant-based protein, it would be valuable if rapeseed protein can be developed towards new and innovative protein products in the future, both for people and animals.

This five-year project, that started in 2020, aims to develop new rapeseed varieties with reduced levels of antinutrients, and thus expand the use of rapeseed protein and increase the value of the rapeseed cake. 

The project is a collaboration between SLU, Lund University, Lantmännen and Gunnarshögs Gård AB.


Time: 2022-09-28 10:00 - 15:00
City: Hammenhög
Location: Gunnarshögs Gård
Organiser: SLU Grogrund
Last signup date: 20 September 2022
Price: Free
Additional info:

Register via e-mail no later than September 20th to Annika Swensson Källén. The number of places is limited. Free transfer by bus back and forth from Alnarp and Lund is offered.

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Li-Hua Zhu, Professor
Department of Plant Breeding
li-hua.zhu@slu.se, 040-415373