1 Sep

SLU all campuses, online

Sustainable studies: study strategies and study technique

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Have you just started an English speaking programme at SLU? Welcome to this online event in which we will share our best tips on how to get the most out of your studies at SLU.

Hello new SLU student!

Are you feeling unsure about how to structure your studies, or perhaps worried about your study technique not being good enough to succeed in your studies? Do you find it difficult to find a balance between your studies and the rest of your life? Or perhaps you are wondering what support there is for you who are a student at SLU? Either way you have come to the right place!

On Wednesday 1 September between 13.15-16.00 the study guidance team at SLU are welcoming you who just started a master’s programme or the Forest and Landscape bachelor’s programme to join sustainable studies. Sustainable studies will be held online.

During the afternoon you will:

  • Meet a senior student who shares personal experiences, tips and tricks in order to succeed with your studies.
  • Take part in a workshop about study strategies and study technique offered by the SLU Centre for Academic language.
  • Learn more about what kind of support is available on your campus and how you can get in contact with them if you need to.

Link to the event:




Time: 2021-09-01 13:00 - 16:00
City: SLU all campuses, online
Organiser: Study and career guidance