6 May


Agroecology Day 2020

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Theme: Agroecology: crossing paths on the way to sustainable food.


Time: 2020-05-06 14:00 - 16:00
City: Alnarp/webinar
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A link to participate in the event will be sent to registered participants via email; registration through this Eventbrite page


Many interesting people in the panel:

  • Maja Lindström – Swedish filmmaker with a focus on making movies about sustainable practices and its colorful and diverse facets (https://paradigmshiftfilm.com/).
  • Rim Melake – Trainee at the EU-Commission on Food security with a very interesting background in promoting women’s role in agriculture in Africa.
  • Marco Tasin – Farmer, independent researcher and consultant in Italy. As a former researcher and teacher at the SLU in Alnarp, Marco recently left the university life to get back into farming, because : “farmers are the real innovators”.
  • Jonas Ringquist – Author of a book about small scale vegetable farming and farmer at the Swedish Farm Bossgården (http://www.bossgarden.se)
      #IGrowYourFood – Meet Jonas Ringqvist, an organic farmer from Sweden
  • Magnus Ljung – Principal extension officer at the National competence centre for advisory services at SLU. He does research in communication science but is also a part-time sheep farmer in southwest Sweden.

  • Nicolas Carton – Researcher in cropping systems diversification, his work at SLU Alnarp focused on legumes in crop rotations.

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